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BERND HAUSSMANN presents A Certain Place at a Certain Time, a collaborative online photo project, in connection with Appearances 2014. For this project participants are invited to share their impressions during the event Appearances by visualizing what they feel needs to be seen – the theme being ‘What we don’t see’.


The idea is to create an online platform to document, via digital imagery, the multitude of ideas and concerns we have about our impact on the natural environment.  The project is about perception and even more so, about mindfulness and sensitivity with respect to our own presence. The end result will be a memory bank, a ‘garden of information’ with a multitude of views.


HOW TO PARTICIPATE…   To participate in this collaborative online photo project simply post your photos, taken during the APPEARANCES 2014 Eco-Arts Festival, to the A Certain Place at a Certain Time Facebook page. All images should be taken during “Appearances“. Not prior and not after.All images must be taken with smart phone or digital camera. Format horizontal and not cropped.


This is part of several recent and ongoing projects by Bernd Haussmann, based on the idea of Dialogue, relying on visual imagery. Haussmann will discuss this project and other ideas at a panel discussion held by Appearances at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum on April 24, 2014. 




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March 20-23, 2014     PIER  94:             55th St. @ 12th Ave.                   New York, NY 10019





The Photography of JEFFERSON HAYMAN

With Sculpture by Breon Dunigan


The Schoolhouse Gallery Owner/ Director Mike Carroll presents the unique photographs of JEFFERSON HAYMAN at MADE from March 20-23, 2014. Jefferson Hayman’s handcrafted silver gelatin, pigment and platinum prints are deeply connected to the history of photography, and a belief in beauty as a necessary function of architectural space.


JEFFERSON HAYMAN is a photographer who lives and works in Tappan, NY, a small historic town just north of New York City. He exhibits widely throughout the United States and Europe working in the themes of nostalgia, common symbols and memory. Hayman’s photographs are handcrafted silver gelatin, platinum and pigment prints that capture a historical timelessness with a delicacy of tonality that harks back to the highest traditions of graphic art. The results suggest an imagined history where memories are dreamed, felt and shared but not owned. The works are then paired with antique or artist made frames which place each piece into the realm of unique statements.


Breon Dunigan_Sapphire

Sapphire by Breon Dunigan


BREON DUNIGAN is a sculptor living and working in Truro, Massachusetts. She has deep connections to the Art Colony in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Dunigan has exhibited widely throughout the Northeast and her work can be found is several public and private collections. We are pleased to exhibit her wall sculptures of horned “Trophy Heads” are made from repurposed furniture and textiles. ‘The sculptures are a marvel of ingenious fabrication, and a witty commentary on the nature and psychology of what it means to gather game trophies’.



At The WATER’s EDGE CINEMA in Provincetown


MARTY DAVIS    Monotypes




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