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June 26 – July 15, 2015


The gallery is pleased to present our first exhibition for 2015 featuring new work from individual artists from our roster.


LORA BRODY will present new ‘live’ photographs of projections onto human bodies made into vivid colorful prints, full of motion and energy. This work, titled, ‘Skin Pix’ skillfully uses new media and technology to consider how images move through a culture obsessed with critical mass, how visual information is received or consumed, and how new artwork can impact human form and physical interaction. The photographer’s assertive and humorous projections feel like electronic tattoos, and the photographs are convincing for their expert use of new digital tools in service of lush and gorgeous prints.


NICHOLAS DES COGNETS will exhibit new work made specifically for the gallery including works on paper and dimensional work. Des Cognets’ makes photographs, sculptures, drawings and videos that reflect on the natural world with attention to the distortions of human perception. The work seeks precise but arbitrary moments in the violent mess of nature as a way to implicitly deny the familiar logical and sentimental depictions of nature. Varying timescales are embedded in the work, from the instant of a photograph, to the protracted attention of a detailed drawing, to the geological pace of a rock. These shifts in timescale move away from a default human attention span and open the possibility of new perceptions of the environment.




CLARK DERBES presents a suite of new dimensional work including standing pieces and wall work made from carved and honed wood and numerous ‘poly-chromed’ applications of acrylic and acrylic gouache paint. Clark’s aesthetic sources include vernacular functional art from the American South and contemporary geometric abstraction however his work is new, fresh and compelling. His forms and shapes are meta- representations of the familiar architectures of our lives that invite us to open to the tone, texture, color and presence of the work. Derbes flirts with the edge of social norms and aesthetic memes, avoiding both – instead providing us with a material honesty and warm intimacies that are very good results of his almost continual painting practice. He is alive in his work so that the work is alive for the viewer.


SARAH LUTZ presents new paintings from her recent series titled,’ Tales from the Garden and Other Mythologies’, a suite of large oil paintings that seems actually to spin, swim, swirl and dance inside the formal painting issues they respect. Like an elegant guest Sarah’s paintings do not forget the etiquette of their occasion but are definitely the life of the party. Her vibrant colors are joyful and warm, her playful shapes seem to jump out of contemporary urban culture to theatricalize her work’s landscape spaces, riding on light and skimming on her fine drawing skills, they make a flat land of forms on which her patterns and textured surfaces perform. Baroque yet tailored, these ‘Tales’ are unconventional and utterly convincing.


VICKY TOMAYKO presents a suite of new works titled, The Aquarium Series’ consisting of twelve prints, one for each month of the year. Tomayko began the project in October of 2014 by making five larger landscape prints created using stencils and ink. These became associated with the months of October through February during which they were made and considered. After that she began making the “Aquarium Months” which consist of March-September, titled in the order finished… to complete a year of monoprints. As she worked on these prints started to remind her of the evolving life of an aquarium with furniture and aquatic plants, partly because of the repetition because of the way components of the images appear to move in the space as if under water. She then couldn’t resist the temptation to include some fish. The ‘Aquarium Series’ is framed in such a way as to suggest glass aquariums.


STEPHEN VASSILAKOS presents paintings and works on paper that use light, open tones, and a soft, open application to construct sense of endless space and ambient light that feels like a dream of the sky.

Stephen’s work often uses the Truro Bay or the Paris sky (he makes his art in both places) as a subject but this new work is relieved of subject. Instead we are given pictures of tenderness and time gently unfolding from something diaristic and sequential to a softly vibrating natural phenomenon. Love is the currency of this work, and light and color its value.


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