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Jen Bradley Studio

2014 Holiday News and a Studio Visit with Jen Bradley

This post includes a selection of works from gallery artists for the 2014 Holiday Season including a special suite of new individually framed photographs from Jefferson Hayman, new small works from Ellen Rich, a small kinetic piece from Gina Kamentsky that will dazzle your giftee, and paintings from Andre Van der Wende‘s excellent 2014 exhibition. […]

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Topography by Wylie Sofia Garcia

  ‘Topography III‘        13 x 19 x 3″   ‘Topography II‘      11.5 x 19 x 2.5″       ‘Topography III‘ (13 x 19 x 3″) and ‘Topography II‘ (11.5 x 19 x 2.5″) by Wylie Sofia Garcia are today’s ‘Artwork of the Day’. Walking into the gallery this morning these two pieces (which are […]

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Murray Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills

This painting titled ‘Hollywood Hills‘ by Leslie Murray is 30 x 42″ and is made with Oil on Birch Panel. “Hollywood Hills‘ was part of Leslie’s 2014 exhibition at the gallery and was selected today because of its ability to embed and linger in several people’s minds, mine included. It is purely contemporary without being […]

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