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'Interstate 81 Bridge, Potomac, WV'  Adam Davies

‘Interstate 81 Bridge, Potomac, WV’ Adam Davies



Mark Adams/ Adam Davies/ Joel Janowitz/ Ellen Rich


July 17 – August 5, 2015          Reception: Friday, July 17th from 6 – 10pm



MARK ADAMS will present new works on paper, wood and Mylar that consider language and image; specifically the spaces to which we are guided by word, image and text but exist beyond the grasp of aesthetics. Adams has long been a record keeper for the de-accelerated time and dreamlike land between earth and sky, night and day, figure and abstraction and the shifts in stories that suddenly open up new consciousness. These places are sources for him and are found all around us on the Outer Cape; the back shore, the sideways light at sunset, the mercurial shifting way that color rests in light, the scale shift between Meta and micro….. and the desire to bounce, lift and fly through it all.


ADAM DAVIES will exhibit new photographs of 19th century public works constructed in Maryland and West Virginia to serve the growing needs of the nation’s capital city; in some cases these structures have been abandoned and left to deteriorate as nature reclaims its place. Davies explores the relationship between the built and natural world, examining how these engineered forms reshape the landscape and influence movement through it. He approaches his sites like a portraitist, revealing intimate interior worlds within the structures that emerge from their design, their interaction with the surrounding environment, and their history. The images are the product of research and exploration: he climbs into his subject matter, exploring it from the inside out, and consults construction archives and blueprints to understand his sites’ architectural and social origins. He will present five new photographs.


JOEL JANOWITZ presents a new series of monotypes depicting delicate details of flora and within elegant and moodily abstracted landscapes, Venetian canals and bridges, and seascapes that breathlessly convey that which is natural within an abstraction made from subtle coloration. These images represent a master printmaker establishing new heights in his oeuvre.


We are thrilled to present ELLEN RICH in her premier exhibition at the gallery. She will present new work made with assembled pieces of cut paper, vellum, yupo and duralar used to form abstract constructions which she then continues to paint to completion. Her buoyant, color-driven works occupy a space somewhere between two and three dimensions. Ellen is dexterous and natural with joyful colors, slippery materials and an unpremeditated movement that is conversant with her work’s solid, volumetric formal visual systems, which are both rational and unexpected.

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