The Schoolhouse Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary painting, photography, and printmaking. Since 1998 we have presented the finest in collaboration and new thought in our Provincetown gallery space and at a variety of fairs and outside exhibition projects. We represent a roster of over 50 artists from the Outer Cape and throughout the US and Europe while maintaining a large inventory of related works.

We are pleased in this our 19th year to offer a vigorous program of projects and exhibitions featuring the finest in innovation and new thought from our roster of artists.   As always we work to present a rich program of painting, photography, sculpture, and alternative material from our family of studios and creative spaces. Our Provincetown gallery offers artworks that are alive and ‘on time’ each season through a series of carefully crafted exhibitions. In addition, we offer an extensive inventory of artworks not on view through strong and open connections to our artist’s studios and workspaces. Along with studio visits we participate in off-site projects like art fairs and partnerships with community organizations and other institutions. In these ways we hope to make available a rich and connected landscape of intriguing artworks to gallery visitors and longtime friends and collectors.


David Hilliard at The Provincetown Art Association and Museum:

JULY 8 – AUGUST 28, 2016

The gallery is pleased to be a supporting partner with the Provincetown Art Association and Museum for the exhibition, ‘Sum of Our Affections’ Photographs by David Hilliard curated by Bill Arning in the Hofmann Gallery.

‘Oh Yeah‘ – Eileen Miles

Eileen Myles: ‘DIARY” Instagram Photographs

Friday August 5 through Wednesday August 24 we will present an exhibition of photographs from Eileen Myles. These images from her Instagram feed will be presented accompanied by text. The project called ‘DIARY’ exemplifies perfectly what is possible when artists open up new spaces in society and fills them with language and image.

Social media’s openness to a new consideration of self-portraiture and acceptance of the general messiness of everyday life is part of a new contemporary cultural landscape where we are exposed to a rapid succession of images that are thought to be replacing words with new significance, but are experienced as quicker and less long lasting. We are a seeing new relationships to memory and permanence in viscous and possible space where language is shifting into a zone where multiple protagonists steer anxious narratives to new places. Gender is more openly fluid here and painting a little less patriarchal. It is a tribal space that is taking on post-feminist thinking with vigor, where invincibility and urgency vie for position creating a pulse that reforms and upsets. Eileen Myles has occupied social media with language since she could and has let language hang out with image there, in a new mnemonic place of her own making, where everything feels both projected and bodied, substantial, possible and fleeting.

We are thrilled that Eileen will present a suite of her photographs with text with us at the gallery. Eileen Myles is the author of nineteen books including I Must Be Living Twice: New & Selected Poems, and a 2015 reissue of Chelsea Girls. Eileen is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in non-fiction, an Andy Warhol/Creative Capital Arts Writers grant, four Lambda Book Awards, and the Shelley Prize from the PSA. In 2016 Myles received a Creative Capital grant and the Clark Prize for excellence in art writing. Currently they teach at NYU and Naropa University and live in Marfa TX and New York.

Conrad Malicoat

Conrad Malicoat: Paper Work

Also in August we will present works on paper from Conrad Malicoat. Conrad Haven Malicoat was born on Jan. 15, 1936, in Provincetown. His parents, Philip C. Malicoat and Barbara H. Malicoat, were highly regarded artists and prominent figures in the local community. They raised Conrad and their daughter, Martha, in a household saturated with art and music and instilled in them a love of nature and proud, do-it-yourself spirit. His career as a fine artist flourished at the Cape End, where from 1968 to 1970 Malicoat was a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center. He became well known for his sculpture in stone, wood, metal and brick. Malicoat received the Massachusetts Cultural Council Award for his sculptural works and has four pieces in the permanent collection of the Hirschhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. Though he could be introspective, he had a gregarious and affable nature that endeared him to many, and he was an active member of the Provincetown community for decades. For more than 20 years he was a volunteer with the fire department, pumper no. five, and he served on the conservation commission and the Provincetown Conservation Trust as well as on the boards of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, the Pilgrim Monument and Museum, and the Fine Arts Work Center. He was also a dedicated and devoted member of the Beachcombers Club, where he served as “Skipper.”


We will present a series of ink work on paper that describe the volumetric spaces occupied by many of Conrad’s sculptures with the immediacy and spontaneity ink can offer, and material honesty and warmth that was so much a part of this artist’s work and life.



In 2016 we welcome projects from some new artists including Ted Larsen, Frankie Rice, Dave Walsh and John Arsenault.
Ted Larsen Schoolhouse Gallery

‘New Classic’     Salvage Steel, Marine-grade Plywood, Silicone, Vulcanized Rubber, Hardware
15 x 15 x 3″

Ted Larsen (b. 1964, USA) is an internationally exhibiting artist and Pollock-Krasner Foundation recipient with a BA from Northern Arizona University. The work he creates supply commentary on minimalist belief systems and the ultimate importance of High Art practice. Since 2001, Larsen has used alternative and salvage materials in his studio exercises. Larsen’s work has been exhibited widely in museums in the US, including the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe, The Albuquerque Museum, The Amarillo Museum of Art, The Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, Missouri, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as in over eighty gallery exhibitions. He has received grants from the Surdna Foundation and the Pollock Krasner Foundation, as well as residencies with the Edward F. Albee Foundation and Asilah Arts Festival in Morocco, where he was the selected to be the USA representative. He has guest lectured at The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts in Greenville, South Carolina; University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico; The Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, California; The New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Texas Society of Architects, Dallas, Texas.

Larsen has been featured in Art in American, ArtNews, SouthWest Art, Mountain Living, Architectural Digest, Sculpture Magazine, and Art Gallery International magazines. He has had reviews in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Denver Post, and The Dallas Morning News amongst others. Larsen’s work appears in the books Art On The Edge, Biennial Southwest, The Curtain of Trees, New American Paintings, and Millennium Collection. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) produced an interview with Larsen. Ted Larsen is included in the collections of The New Mexico Museum of Art, The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, The Edward F. Albee Foundation, Proctor & Gamble, The Bolivian Consulate, Reader’s Digest, PepsiCo, The University of Miami, The University of Texas, Krasel Art Center, Dreyfus Funds, JP Morgan Chase, Forbes and Pioneer Hi-Bred, Inc.

C-print 16 x 16″ – Frankie Rice

Frankie Rice was born in Truro, Massachusetts and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and on the Outer Cape. Previous exhibitions include “The name of this show is not: GAY ART NOW” curated by Jack Pierson, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NY (2006); “Eliminate” curated by John Waters, Albert Merola Gallery, Provincetown, MA (2007) and “Wrestle,” Launch F18, New York, NY (2011). Frankie will present a suite of new color photographs.

Visitor’s Center‘ Oil on Canvas 70 x 62″ – Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh was raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania and is currently based in Philadelphia. He received his BFA from Tyler School of Art and his MFA from the Yale School of Art. In 2014 he was awarded a residency on the Dumfries House Estate in East Ayrshire, Scotland through The Prince’s Drawing School. His paintings have been featured in New American Paintings as an editor’s selection and most recently he was 2015-16 fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. He will present a group of paintings of this place.

‘Making a Splash’, 2016′ 19 h x 19 w x 15 d” – Breon Dunigan

It is my great pleasure to announce representation of Breon Dunigan and an exhibition of her work from Friday July 15 through Wednesday August 3. I have had the pleasure of working with Breon on numerous fairs and commissions and hope that you will enjoy our upcoming projects at the gallery as well. Breon Dunigan exhibits her sculpture and prints widely throughout New England and New York. Her work can be found is several public and private collections. Her studio is in Truro, on Cape Cod and she has deep connections to the Art Colony in Provincetown, Massachusetts. One project available at the gallery, her horned “Trophy Heads” are a suite of individual wall sculptures made from repurposed furniture and textiles. These sculptures are a marvel of ingenious fabrication, and a witty commentary on the psychology of what it means to collect objects. The work also describes the tension she enjoys between our preconceptions about beauty in fine art, functionality in the decorative arts, and ways that objects like trophies contain both possibilities. These artworks connect us with our hidden private desires, impulses and satisfactions about collecting including a flirtation with humor and fetish. Breon joins us along with Baily Bob Bailey, Anna Poor, and Michael Prodanou, longtime favorites who migrated over our threshold from our former neighbor, artStrand.

John Arsenault Schoolhouse Gallery

‘For You’  John Arsenault

The gallery is thrilled to announce representation of John Arsenault. John is a Los Angeles based photographer. His photography is internationally exhibited and is included in the Nerman Museum & Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. His first monograph Barmaid was published in 2015 with Daylight.

“When I graduated from the School of Visual Arts, I approached my career strictly from a fine art perspective, trying to make myself known in the gallery scene,” says John Arsenault. “But around that time the lines between fine art and commercial work began to blur.  That’s when I decided to bring my vision and style to the commercial world.”

Since then, the Massachusetts native has been lending his unscripted, unusual and totally authentic work to clients ranging from The New Yorker and Volkswagen to Goldman Sachs and Out Magazine (Awarded “The Out 100-2005’s Most Intriguing). Regardless of whether the subject of a photo is a rock star or a palm tree, Arsenault brings his audience to the “in-between” moment – in between a feeling, a pose, or a time of day – so often missed in our rush to get somewhere, to accomplish, or to dismiss. An eye for light, a penchant for vibrant color, and an uncanny ability to frame an image all synthesize in photographs that feel like a peek into overlooked realms.

As this innovative photographer demonstrates, these skipped-over places are so critical to the make up of reality, and to the ability of a photograph to get the attention of an already over-stimulated world.  “I like to look outside of the boundaries,” he says.  “I show what is beautiful in what we overlook. The reason I love doing it and the reason it works commercially are the same: it’s honest.”

And in the end, timeless.



On Friday August 26 through Wednesday September 14 the gallery presents photographs from Adrian Fernandez Milanes and sculpture and dimensional images from Alex Miguel Hernandez Dueñas, two artists living and working in Havana Cuba. The word’s eyes are on Cuba right now and its artists are its emissaries. I have had the pleasure of working with Adrian and Alex for a number of years and am moved by their skill and talent and by the ways that Provincetown and Cuba provide loving, warm and deeply human responses to the ways that the world’s economies, politics and technologies have altered these two outposts, both of which have been havens for the creative spirit for many years.

Untitled No. 9 (The great rock), 2015 6/6 39 x 78” – Adrian Fernandez Milanes

Adrian Fernandez Milanes presents new work from his series titled, ‘Requiem’, color photographs printed on metallic papers that explore the identity of groups or social sectors in Havana and throughout the world using elements which define it best from an iconographic point of view. The project is based on imagery found in Cuban 20th century postage stamps, panning different periods of Cuba´s life as a nation, his different social projects, ideologies and paradigms. These startlingly beautiful images which relate to themes of power, identity, heroism and purity also address one of photography’s oldest jobs, to document and transport information, recalling the images’ function as symbol and icon while leaving space and breath to investigate our relationship to both.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Adrián Fernández (1984, Cuba) studied visual arts at the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy and later at the Superior Institute of Arts in Havana. Adrián currently works as an independent artist and as a professor on Documentary Photography for NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, Office of Special Program Abroad and the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba. He has exhibited internationally in several group and solo shows, and his work can be found in private and public collections worldwide.

He shares a studio space in Havana Cuba named 331 Artspace with Alex Hernandez Duenas and Frank Mujica.

Alex Hernández Dueñas

The Cuban artist Alex Hernández Dueñas conceives the artistic creation from a trans-disciplinary perspective. Recently, his work has approached the universe of aesthetic preferences and the way of living of contemporary individuals. In this sense, he appeals to concepts like comfort, status, luxury, prosperity and commodities, all these parameters connected to hierarchal structures within the society and associated to specific cultural patterns. The atmosphere disorients the viewer and alludes to that space in dreams where the expectations and desires of a human group are expressed. His work discusses the Cuban dream of Miami as a Hollywood set: swimming pools abound and perfectly manicured lawns surrounding clean, modern houses and constant sunshine. The work comments on the isolation of Cubans and their lack of awareness of the current realities of American life. Hernández Dueñas is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) and is a member of The National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

Rebecca Doughty: Studio

It has been three years since we’ve exhibited Rebecca Doughty. Other projects and deep investigations in the studio have kept her busy. This season sees her return with a cache of new delights from Friday August 26 through Wednesday September 14. Her studio is pictured here.

‘Four Switches’ – Doug Padgett

Doug Padgett will exhibit new work from Friday August 5 through Wednesday August 24. Doug’s recent exhibit in San Francisco’s FraenkelLab is called ‘Home Improvements’ and was curated by Provincetown’s great friend John Waters and was a great success. To find out more about Doug’s work please look here.


In 2016 we continue to exhibit new work from painters Sarah Lutz, Paul Stopforth and Mark Adams as well as printmaker Daniel Heyman, sculptor Lauren Ewing and photographer Ted Kincaid. These favorite artists are experts in their mediums and careers and continue to challenge and discover and define new territories.

‘Sluiceway’ 48 x 48″ – Sarah Lutz

Ted Kincaid

Seasonal Fire 3 x 3′ – Paul Stopforth

Daniel Heyman


In 2016 we welcome projects from some new artists including Ted Larsen, Frankie Rice and Dave Walsh.

2016 Exhibition Schedule

March 19 – 22, 2015
MADE: The Architectural Digest Home Fair/ Fine Art
PIERS 92 & 94, 55th Street at 12th Avenue, NYC 10019
With Jefferson Hayman and Breon Dunigan

Friday June 3 through Wednesday June 22

Stephanie Roberts-Camello/ Gallery Artists and SUITED (Photographs with The Tenth Magazine, HBO and The Provincetown International Film Festival)

Friday June 24 through Wednesday July 13

Gallery Artists including:  Lauren Ewing/ Bernd Haussmann/ Bill Scully/ Dave Walsh

 Friday July 15 through Wednesday August 3

Breon Dunigan/ Ted Kincaid/ Sarah Lutz/ Michael Prodanou / Paul Stopforth

July 22 David Hilliard “Regarding Others’ opening reception at PAAM

 Friday August 5 through Wednesday August 24

Mark Adams / Daniel Heyman/ Eileen Myles/ Frankie Rice/ Doug Padgett

Friday August 26 through Wednesday September 14

Rebecca Doughty/ Alex Hernandez/ Adrian Fernandez/ Conrad Malicoat/ Donald Traver  Project:  Nona Hershey

Friday September 16 through Wednesday October 26